Swazi candle - Elephant Classic

Swazi candle - Elephant Classic

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A unique and beautiful pattern 

Each candle in our collection has been expertly crafted by professional candle-makers in the mountain kingdom of Eswatini, so you can be sure of exceptional quality. And as they’re handmade, no two Elephant Candles will be exactly the same.

The artisans shape these candles using the ancient ‘millefiori’ technique, which was perfected in Italy to create the finest glass sculptures. This technique was then translated into use with wax.  

Beautiful things should belong to beautiful souls.” Muriel Barbery 

Our Elephant Candles certainly are beautiful, ethical and perfect for those who appreciate art. So, make sure to buy one (or more!) if you would like something special in your home or a charming gift for your loved ones.

As all candles are handmade, please expect some differences in sizing and patterns. 


Approx: 15cm high and 16cm in length (including tusks) 

Burn time: approx. 25 hours

Please place a fireproof dish under all candles.


In African culture, elephants symbolise strength, power, wisdom and loyalty. In Feng Shui, an elephant with a lifted trunk will bring good luck to your house.